Note: Original emails on file. We shortened the names for their privacy. Latest ones at the bottom.

Mike K

We have talked a lot about the crusher before it came. I was looking at the pic you had on the internet with long legs and it seemed to be really easy to operate. I was not expecting the short legs, but it worked out because I mounted them to my workbench. I had to work with putting it together because the handles will not stay together in the holder and if I tighten up the nuts on the side of the handles; it gets really hard to operate so I had to keep them loose so it would not bind. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about anything I love being able to crush those chips up. I like how easy it is to work. I thought I would let you know how it was going. Gary once again thank you for the crusher

Phil H

Dear Gary, The CrazyCrusher has arrived. It is now assembled and has successfully performed some rock crushing. This is an amazingly effective invention. I think that you could sell lots of these to professional geologists and geographers in the UK and Europe. I might buy some more off you. Thanks.

Rob P

Hi Gary, thanks for getting back with me and sending the updated crusher parts. Yes they do work better than the original bolt design, and so far have not failed us yet. we have crushed hard quarts rocks and other ores with ease now. the last time it broke we were crushing computer chips. i was not there to observe my brothers crushing techniques with the cpu chips so i dont know what went wrong the first time. we have been starting out with a wider gap and working our way down in size to help pulverize the ores and or chips. if you have any advice on the proper technique for chips we are all ears for any advice, as i remember your website suggesting a minor adjustment was required cpu chip crushing. Thanks for you help and great support on this product – i appreciate it now days when someone actually stands behind the product they sell. most people dont return calls or emails ,but you guys have impressed me with good service, so keep up the good work. Thanks.

Gary C

Assembly went good no problem and everything lined up ok. My first crusher run of Az. quartz crushed up to fines produced some silver, gold and what appears to be a small amount of PGM’s. I’m headed out to my NM claims in a week or two to sample tails from several old mines on my claims. I’ll send you some pictures of crusher in action.

Frank L

Crazycrusher, Wow!!! I just POWDERIZED some Chrystal rocks! Hurry and Get Your patent! This thing really works!

Howard M

Hello again, Gary. I’ve been putting the crusher through its paces. I’m impressed with how solidly it’s built. Thanks again for putting out such a great piece of equipment. I simply could not do the load of sampling I have without it.

Darrell L

Gary, I just wanted to let you know that I received my crazycrusher on Monday and set it up and ran a bunch of gravel rock and that I am TOTALLY PLEASED WITH IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH, it’s now part of my Prospecting Equipment that Helps out TREMENDOUSLY..!!! This is a Great Addition and I have already have given a Good Endorsement of it to my Prospecting Friends and Fellow GPAA Members…Thanks Again!!!….

Shiela S

I have used the crazy crusher for glass for a few months now. At a workshop in Winnipeg at the end of April, I shared my discovery with several classmates. As a glass fuser I use a lot of frit to develop my pieces. Frit is crushed glass in various sizes. The crazy crusher was a phenomenal find and works wonderfully for this purpose. It has saved me countless hours. I thought you may want to know it has uses beyond rocks and not to be surprised if you have other similar inquiries. Thank you.

Tom and Sandy

Hey Gary, Just wanted to let you know I finally mounted my crazy crusher to my Black and Decker WorkMate and gave it a test drive yesterday. The way it is set up, my wife and I both get the needed exercise for our upper body workout by using it, and get our quartz crushed at the same time. Couldn’t ask for more. It works great. Thanks again for making such a “useable” device at a price we hobby miners can afford. It’s a quality product made available by a quality guy. 🙂


I just wanted to thank you for my crazy crusher what an awesome tool, I’m sure I will get a hell of a lot of use for it, its so well made, you got it perfect….BIG THUMBS UP! I sure will be showing everyone my new tool, I hope you get lots of orders for them. I didnt know where to comment so I thought this would be ok.