Frit Glass

Save time and Money! 

Make your own frit glass!

With the Crazycrusher it’s simple and quick!

Making frit glass

How great would be be to take all that colored glass and crush it down to the size you need?  From raisin to rice sized to sand sized.  Now you can quickly and easily make your own!

With the Crazycrusher, you can have years  of production, for your own special artistic works, and make more to package and sell on many on-line stores!

Shiela S.

“I have used the crazy crusher for glass for a few months now. At a workshop in Winnipeg at the end of April, I shared my discovery with several classmates. As a glass fuser I use a lot of frit to develop my pieces. Frit is crushed glass in various sizes. The crazy crusher was a phenomenal find and works wonderfully for this purpose. It has saved me countless hours. I thought you may want to know it has uses beyond rocks and not to be surprised if you have other similar inquiries. Thank you.”